Cuteness Overload At The Rodeo

Although it's lumped in with the children's section, people of all ages huddle around the Birthing Center stalls at the rodeo, hoping to snap pictures the young animals and their mothers. A world of cuteness awaits you, if you can overcome the queasiness that comes with having to listen to a voice reminiscent of a flight attendant as she dictates each stage of the birthing process.

Rich Knebel and his family have been managing the Birthing Center for the Rodeo for about 15 years. After many school classes ventured to his dairy at home on the farm, he realized that the public is frighteningly unaware of what goes into the production of their food, he told Hair Balls.

Knebel's been witness to a few complicated situations at the Birthing Center in years past, but nothing stranger than some of the questions they get.

"Gee, I could write a book on that," Knebel said.

One lady, who must've thought piglets are colossal, assumed that a sow was actually a newborn and asked, "Where are all the baby pigs?" Some think that calves are carried in the udder and that the bigger the udder, the closer the cow is to calving. And still, people get confused as to which one produces the milk, the male or the female.

Weird questions or no, Knebel is glad they can be accommodating to the public as a source of all things ag that the public has a right to know.

"I'm not here to put those questions down, that's why we're here," he said. "S'pose if you dropped me off in the city, I'd be in the same shape they are."

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