DA Lykos Tries to Rebut Grand Jury's Attack

The grand jury that has been investigating whether the District Attorney's office broke any laws regarding blood-alcohol tests from so-called "BAT" vehicles did not issue any indictments, but it went out with a bang.

Jury foreperson Trisha Pollard distributed a letter, apparently backed by all the panel members, that criticized DA Pat Lykos's office for trying to intimidate them and investigate witnesses. They also slammed a prosecutor for taking the fifth.

"Nothing prepared us for what unfolded," the letter said, saying prosecutors had hung around the hallway outside the grand jury's meeting room and that a person in what seemed like "a government-issued car" photographed them returning from a lunch break. "The stain upon the {DA's office] will remain regardless of any media statements issued or press conferences performed by anyone."

That didn't stop Lykos from holding a press conference.

She didn't exactly cover herself in glory, exiting without answering all of the media's questions.

But she did come out on the offensive, saying the grand jury was politically motivated.

She said that Houston police chief Charles McClelland had repeatedly said the "BAT vans" were reliable.

"To believe otherwise is to believe the chief and I engaged in a vast conspiracy to suppress evidence in a handful of cases," Lykos said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.