Dallas Most Superficial City, But Houston's Close, "Study" Says

In the annals of pots, kettles and blackness, there is this: An online-dating service calling out a city for being superficial.

Since that city is Dallas, we can't disagree, but that's not the point, dammit. There are a lot of good things about making decisions on people via their online-dating profile, but emotional depth isn't one of them.

Nevertheless, a website that apparently deals with online dating yet calls itself WhatsYourPrice.com has studied the searching habits of its members and arrived at the conclusion that Dallas is the most superficial city in the U.S. of A.

Again, one can't argue the results, but one can argue the methods.

WhatsYourPrice.com's list of the cities that spent the least amount of time looking at individual profiles before moving on to the next shows Dallas ranked 10th, at 13.7 seconds.

Salt Lake City was even more efficient, at 7.2 seconds (We guess seeing "casual drinker" makes it easy to move on to further searching).

So why is Dallas the most superficial?

"While Dallas' browsing time was double the amount of Salt Lake City, it was ranked 10th on the list because the men and women surveyed admitted to valuing profile pictures the most when making a decision, WhatsYourPrice.com's Leroy Velasquez tells Hair Balls. "We ranked 'Most Superficial Cities' based on two factors: the cities that valued pictures the most, and which of these cities had the fastest browsing times."

Oooookay: Science!!

Where did Houston land? The list of quickest browsing times showed us two slots below Salt Lake City, in third place with a time of 8.3 seconds.

But as with Salt Lake City, it's easy to spot an immediate turnoff that makes you turn the page. Something like "Go Cowboys!!!" always does the trick.

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Richard Connelly
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