Danny Hinton: Donut Wheels And A Shootout At Big Texas Dance Hall

This report of off-duty Harris County sheriff's deputies shooting at a man in a pickup at the Big Texas Dance Hall in Spring piqued our interest for a couple reasons.

One, the man's name wasn't released because he wasn't charged with anything. We know if we did something worthy of getting shot at by deputies, we'd expect to be charged.

Two, and more importantly, it was a shoot-out, albeit one-sided, at the Big Texas Dance Hall.

Turns out, the man has been charged with two counts aggravated assault on a public servant, according to Thomas Gilliland, a deputy with Harris County.

Still, we conclude, one hell of a wild story:

It started sometime in the early hours of November 4, after Hinton started having a little too much fun at the dance hall, or at least too much to be allowed to stay. Sheriff's deputies escorted Hinton, who was acting "belligerent," out of the club.

"I think he was highly intoxicated," Gilliland tells us.

Hinton got in his truck started doing burnouts and donuts in the parking lot. The deputies stopped his truck, but when one of them opened the door, Hinton sped off and knocked the deputy to the ground.

Instead of leaving, Hinton turned around at the end of the parking lot and sped back toward the deputies, who pulled out their guns and unloaded on the truck. Hinton turned out of the parking lot, and when he was speeding away, he hit a curb and blew out a couple of his tires.

On-duty deputies found Hinton's truck ditched on a side-street a couple blocks away from the dance hall, and they found Hinton hiding in the backyard of a random house near his truck.

As awesome as this whole scene had to be, we're glad no one was hurt. And Gilliland tells us that if someone or someone's property had been injured -- other than Hinton, of course -- when the deputies came out blazing, the county would be liable.

But Gilliland believes this was a "life or death" situation, and gunshots were necessary.

Hinton has a court date on December 15, five days before his 30th birthday.

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