Daphne Spurlock: Slits 5-Year-Old Son's Throat, Stomps on His Chest to "Release Demons"

Daphne Spurlock's Facebook page is filled with religious imagery and Bible quotes; last February she wrote, "The best thing that ever happen to me is when I gave my life to Jesus and He filled me with His precious Holy Ghost."

Early Saturday morning, what her husband has called an increasingly strange belief that she was hearing voices became too much, and she slit the throat of her five-year-old son and then stomped on his chest in order to release the demons supposedly inside him.

"She was reading from the Bible with him (the child) and realized he was infested with demons and had to release these demons from him," a spokesman for the Magnolia police department told reporters.

The child, Michael, is in serious condition at Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital.

Spurlock's husband, David, told the Houston Chronicle, "I can't put it together yet...She started cussing a week ago. That was not like her at all."

She said the voices in her head were Jesus, said the husband, who was not home at the time of the attack in their Magnolia home.

KHOU said Michael "had multiple lacerations to his throat, which had been slit from side to side. He also had a severe head injury and his chest was possibly crushed."

Spurlock remains in the Montgomery County Jail.

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