Darian Ward, Reporter (On "Friday Night Lights")

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-- which means we should probably use a lot of exclamation points to discuss it!!!!! -- we learn that former Fox news anchor Darian Ward will be returning to big-time TV. Playing a reporter.

Is it possible for a news anchor to successfully imitate a hard-working grunt-level street reporter?

If you're a fan of Friday Night Lights, you'll find out this season.

Since the role in question is that of a TV reporter, the effort shouldn't be that hard.

Here's Ward's take on the matter:

I shot my first scenes in Austin for the TV series "Friday Night Lights" this week. I play a reporter Laney Graham, not much of a stretch for me, but there is an interesting twist which I won't divulge...

Everyone was pretty cool on the set, I worked with Connie Britton who plays Principal Tami Taylor on the show. She was warm and loves to sing...She was also in the original movie "Friday Night Lights" which was released in 2004. The director, Jeffrey Riener was awesome, so was the crew. You should see Jeffrey's list of accomplishments, he's also one of the Executive Producers and he's pretty funny.

Ward now spends most of her time producing shows that "feature celebrity guests, athletes, art dealers, philanthropists, famous interior designers, luxury living, exciting fashions, music, fun...and more!" as she says, very Isiah Carey-esquely, on her website.

-- Richard Connelly

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