Darrell Craig Vogel: Beaumont Prosecutor Picked Up Twice In 24 Hours For DWI

Darrell Craig Vogel, 50, is an assistant prosecutor for the city of Beaumont, meaning he deals with municipal court stuff.

The pressures of holding in your hands the Sophie's Choice of whether or not to prosecute that 41-in-a-35 mph-zone case may have been too much for him, though. He managed to get arrested twice in a little over a 24-hour span for DWI, and that ain't easy. Especially when the second arrest is at a Walgreen's, for some reason.

The first arrest came early Friday in Beaumont, the Beaumont Enterprise reports.

He was released from jail at 5 a.m. Saturday. A little more than four hours later, the police in Lumberton got a call from the local Walgreen's, saying an intoxicated man was in the store, which is apparently unusual for a Lumberton Walgreen's at 9 in the morning on a Satruday.

By the time police got there, Vogel was driving out of the parking lot, so instead of a public-intoxication charge he got hit with his second DWI.

Maybe it wasn't the pressure of being a big-time prosecutor, though: KBTV had video of Vogel leaving jail the second time, and he was wearing a Longhorns hat. So blame Mack Brown.

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