Dave Wilson Wants to Probe Sylvester Turner

Proud homophobe and Houston Community College Trustee Dave Wilson issued a very Wilson-eseque press release Oct. 23, calling for the Harris County District Attorney's Office to investigate whether or not mayoral candidate Sylvester Turner is gay.

Wilson's insane release is based on a 1991 affidavit by Turner's wife, in which she suspected Turner of having affairs with men. Cheryl Turner recanted her allegations last week, claiming that she and Turner were in "the middle of a contentious divorce and we said things we both regret....It was a tough time in our lives, and I hope everyone else understands and forgives."

That's not good enough for Wilson, who's like a bloodhound when he gets a whiff of gay. 

"Either Ms. Turner perjured herself by signing the Nov. 13, 1991 affidavit, or she has been forced to recant her truthful testimony which would suggest tampering with a witness by Mr. Turner or his staff," Wilson's release states. Wilson also asks in the statement, "Was Ms. Turner lying now or then? Will Mr. Turner please let the voters know what Sexual Orientation he identifies with. The voters deserve an answer.”

Well, actually, no, they don't deserve an answer, because a candidate's sexual orientation is obviously no one else's business. It's unclear why sexual orientation is the jurisdiction of the Harris County District Attorney's Office, as being gay gay is not illegal.

It's also no surprise that, while Cheryl Turner's affidavit accused her husband of being a jerk and a deadbeat, Wilson is only concerned with sexual orientation. 

Draw whatever conclusions you will about why Dave Wilson is so preoccupied with dude-on-dude relationships, but one thing's for sure: Wilson wants a long, deep, hard probe. And he won't bend til he gets it. 

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.