David Cooper Jr.: Runs Wife and Kids Off the Road Over Disconnected Cell Phone

David Cooper Jr. really needs to use the phone. He was so pissed about the fact it doesn't work anymore, he decided to take it out on his estranged wife and children by running them off the road and now he's in jail. According to a report, Cooper, who is from the bustling east Texas metropolis of San Augustine, was arrested on Monday after he allegedly forced his wife off Farm Road 1277. Two children were also in the car.

Apparently, he saw her driving down 1277 and turned around to follow her. He raced up behind her at 75 mph before he was able to pass and then backed up into the car, forcing his we're-certain-soon-to-be-ex-wife off the road.

He was charged with assault and endangering a child. The report alleges that all this was because his wife cut off his cell phone service. Maybe he had some important business to tend to or he needed to call his bookie. We don't know, but he needed it badly enough to take it out on his wife and children with his car, so I sure as hell hope it was important.

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