David Cruz: Gets in Accident & Flees, Grabbing the Beers But Leaving Passenger to Die

David Cruz, 20, definitely has priorities. He just doesn't have very good ones.

According to court documents, Cruz was driving three other men around after midnight on Halloween when he got in an accident. The three passengers were hurt, one severely.

Cruz drove on for two miles until he got to a friend's apartment, and then bolted. He took four beers, but left the passengers behind.

He did it knowing one passenger "was seriously injured and unconscious in the backseat and that [the other two] were bleeding and injured from the crash."

Like we say, priorities -- at least he got the beer.

Cruz, according to the court documents, went to his friend's apartment and changed clothes. He told him he'd been in an accident but did not tell him to call 911, and at no time did he call for help either.

The two conscious passengers left in the car "had their mom call HFD" for help. The third passenger, Anthony Story, 17, died at Ben Taub Hospital.

Cruz eventually turned himself in and is charged with accident involving injury or death

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