David Feherty Makes Hard Truths Funny at Waggoner Foundation Speaker Series

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She asked him to try being sober for 90 days. Feherty thought about it, and he knew it was going to be hard, he knew he probably couldn't do it, but he decided he owed it to her to try. He was sober for 150 days.

Feherty's story was as much about where he came from as about himself. He described the Northern Ireland he grew up, the bombings, the unrest, a culture where someone who quit drinking was looked on with disapproval. "My father drank like a Halibut. It's all over my family. It's all across the land I'm from," he said.

When Feherty went home for his father's birthday his 150 days of sobriety ended. They walked into the house and there was a bottle of Bush Mills whiskey and his father. His father looked at the bottle, and looked at his son, his hands working the cork, trying to get it open.

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