David Joseph Latta: Drunk, Possibly Pee-Filled Man Stars In Hilarious Security-Cam Video

It was a night of horror in the lobby of the Beaumont Enterprise. At least for one guy who apparently broke in trying to take a leak.

The paper's blog reports that David Joseph Latta, of Lake Charles, was "feverishly searching for a urinal" when he broke into their lobby.

Note how efficiently Latta accomplishes the deed -- breaking a glass window on the door, then resuming bashing the door repeatedly until he figures out he can go through the busted window.

From there, he spends many moments trying to break back out, without success. His lack of success, pushing and pulling frantically at various knobs and handles, is odd, because later in the video he simply opens it with no effort.

At any rate, the lobby is locked off from the rest of the building, so Latta, who at one point seems to be clutching his crotch in pee-filled agony, broke in in vain. Except for the video goodness he provides, of course.

The paper reports Latta was "charged with burglary, forcible entry and public intoxication."

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Richard Connelly
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