David McIntyre: Worst Cop Impersonator Ever, Possibly

A red 2003 Ford F150 extended cab pickup speeding in a Montgomery County trailer park by a guy wearing a Confederate-shirt flag: It's a scene that takes place every weekend, probably.

But things were different recently, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. On the day in question, a guy walking along the trailer-park path yelled at the driver to slow down, and then things got interesting.

Police say David McIntyre, 24, jumped out of his truck and announced he was an undercover narc. He then proceeded to twist the complainer's arm, force him spread-eagle on his hood -- complete with the Official Police Kick-the-Legs-Apart Move -- and told him he should have more respect for police officers.

Problem: McIntyre is not a police officer, and neither is the "brother" he invented when cops questioned him.

Someone at the trailer park took down the license plate of McIntyre's truck, and law enforcement put out a call for it.

McIntyre helped things along by calling the cops himself after hearing the announcement on his police scanner. He told them his brother -- whose name he couldn't recall, because it had been recently changed -- had been using the truck.

Unfortunately for him, witnesses positively ID'd him as the culprit (What? He didn't play the "evil identical twin" card?)

He now faces two third-degree felony charges tied to an attempt tp impersonate a public servant.

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