David Purdie, Filmer Of Astroworld's Death: Next Up, The Flagship Hotel

Earlier this month, we learned that Galveston's Flagship Hotel, an icon of the island for 45 years, will be torn down due to damage from Hurricane Ike.

Landry's Restaurants, which owns the Flagship and originally said the hotel would be restored, announced a new plan to spend $30 million and build an amusement park on the site instead.

This came as sad news to David Purdie, a local filmmaker who spent seven months in 2005 and 2006 filming the demolition of Astroworld. (Video after the jump.)

Purdie, who was filming in Galveston on Monday afternoon, said he's planning a similar treatment for the Flagship.

"I'm so fascinated by the hotel," Purdie tells Hair Balls. "I'm glad I have the footage I have."

Purdie started filming at the Flagship about two years before Hurricane Ike. He had spent so much time at Astroworld, basically a demolition site, that when it was over he decided to "rediscover Galveston." He stayed at the Flagship during each trip.

"I have a lot of footage of driving up to the hotel, going into the lobby and taking the elevators up to our room," Purdie says. "A hotel over the water is really incredible."

He adds, "When they build the amusement park, I'll enjoy that also."

Purdie hopes to get access to the Flagship before demolition starts, and when it does, he'll film the entire take down and construction of the park.

Purdie has already put together a short clip titled "Galves-Gone," which doesn't focus on the Flagship. That video is below, along with his some of his stuff from Astroworld. 

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