David Rogers, 21, Bayou Body Count No. 69

An alleged stick-up man allegedly pointed a gun at a police officer and paid for it with his life.

(That's a lot of allegeds, but when it comes to cops shooting and killing folks, you initially have to take the police department's word on things).

Investigators claim that a pair of robbers, Trenard Hill and David Rogers, walked into the Dalami Food Mart at 7325 Bellerive in west Houston on Friday night and started robbing customers at gunpoint. Before they could get away, officers JP Horelica and CM Stevens pulled up to the store and saw the robbery underway.

Moments later, police say, as Hill,19, and Rogers, 21, ran out of the store, Rogers pointed his gun at the two officers. Horelica ordered Rogers to drop his gun, police say, but when Rogers ignored the command, Horelica shot and killed Rogers.

Afterward, Hill tried to run like hell and get away, but Stevens chased the teen down in a nearby apartment complex. Hill is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Court records show that Hill plead guilty in court four times in 2009, all misdemeanors, for crimes such as possession of marihuana and trespassing. He is being held at the Harris County jail without bond.

As for Horelica, police say he was unharmed. The case will be examined by HPD's Internal Affairs Division and the DA's office, as is customary in any officer-involved shooting.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.