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Dear John

This week all eyes — okay, all pundit eyes — are on the Senate, where three Republican senators with military records are going to battle against President Bush over whether to forgo the Geneva Conventions when torturing interrogating suspected terrorists.

Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Warner believe lowering the standard would only put American soldiers at risk.

Our very own Senator John Cornyn (no military record) has been a big supporter of the Bush plan, a.k.a. torture 'em if you got 'em.

The senator recently said he didn't think the plan would endanger our troops, since "Al Qaeda doesn't take any prisoners. The prisoners they do take they behead."

No one knows quite how it's going to turn out -- although we're sure they'll blame the Democrats in the end — but someone over at Indymedia has decided to eulogize Cornyn in verse:

Shrieks of cageraised netreleased birds shot by Senator John Cornyn foil the silent peace of the cornfields in mornlight acorning while the songs of birds far from Cornyn are in their throats aborning and the sun keeps his promise to return to earth punctually each morning.

Whoa. Call us illiterate louts, but stylistically that little ditty sure reminds us of all the stream-of-consciousness poems we get in our mailbox every morning. — Keith Plocek

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