"Worried? Why? They said we all have a good shot."

Death Becomes Them?

The Chron reports today that 300 pit bulls have been seized from a Liberty County residence. Some of the dawgs — suspected to be part of a large dogfighting ring — were left in outdoor kennels. Thomas Weigner, the owner of the property on 2218 County Road 2252 in Cleveland, was killed in a home invasion that police suspect was tied to the dogfighting ring.

So where are the lucky pups being crated and transported to, you ax? To one Houston Humane Society. To some, such as the folks at Working Pitbull, the Humane Society isn't known for being exactly pit-bull-friendly. Consider their assessment of the popular Animal Planet series Animal Cops, which regularly features the Houston Humane Society:

The Michigan Humane Society and the Houston Humane Society each week shows their ignorance, lack of compassion and down right stupidity where the American pit bull is concerned.

In other words, one could say that moving the PBs from hot outdoor kennels to the Humane Society kennels is a "rescue" in the way that having a Diet Coke with a triple cheeseburger is a "diet." One could say, that is.

We're waiting to hear back from the Humane Society PR to get the official word on the fate, er, condition of the animals. If you've been looking to adopt a pit bull, better show up with cash in hand, like, immediately. -- Steven Devadanam

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