Debbie Riddle: For Your Own Sake, Avoid CNN

State Rep Debbie Riddle doesn't need career advice from us. But if she were to ask, we'd tell her stay the hell off CNN. Stick to Fox News.

Riddle went on Anderson Cooper's show last night and -- well, she showed the nation the Debbie Riddle we have come to know and be horrified by here in Houston.

She was on to discuss her idiotic "terrorist babies" theory, wherein scheming evildoing women come to the U.S. to have their babies, so that later those babies can get in the country easily in order to blow it up.

Unfortunately for Riddle, Anderson asked if she had any evidence for her claim.

Some former FBI agents had told her, she says, to which Cooper asks again for any evidence.

"At this point I don't have the hard evidence right in front of me," she says, "however this is something that is being talked about by various members of Congress, this is being looked into."

She then rambles on about dirty bombs blowing up millions of Americans, and Cooper asks again for any evidence of the sleeper babies.

"That information we are still gathering," she says. She then complains that in the prep for this interview, CNN staff "did not tell me you were going to grill me for the specific information."

Wave the white flag, Debbie. Again, you're more of a Fox News guest, where the hosts are far less demanding when you're spewing rightwing propaganda.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.