Debbie Riddle's Facebook Page Gets Tsunami'd by Pissed-Off Breastfeeding Moms

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You don't mess with moms. Especially if it's about breastfeeding.

The Texas legislature is once again taking up the ticklish subject of whether moms should be able to breastfeed in public. Representatives like Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) are backing a bill that would allow business owners to be sued if they hassle breastfeeding women; representatives like Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) are very much not backing such bills.

Riddle took to her Facebook page to outline her thoughts:

Now, I am all in favor of breast feeding - however it is important for women to be modest while feeding their baby - and most women are modest and respectful. But, a bill that would allow for law suits if one "interfered" with a woman breast feeding is really going a bit far. If a business owner objects to a woman who is not being modest then be fearful of a law suit is government out of control. Most of our laws and bills being considered for law would not be necessary if people would simply be considerate and thoughtful of others. Needless to say - I am not supporting this bill.

Release the hounds? Oh yes, release the hounds.

Commenters flooded the page. Some highlights:

"Afraid of boobs! News flash, you have some!"

Holly Clark I am ashamed you are from Texas and you are one of the people who push the stereo type that people from Texas are uneducated, uninformed, country bumpkins. It is a woman's right to choose if she wants to cover her baby, not yours. You are afraid of boobs! News flash, you have some! So "news flash" go back to voting on topics you are educated about. Like horses and ill fitting jeans.

"why are you looking at other women's chests in the first place...?"

Dasha Gurov just because you're a pervert, along with lots of others who see breastfeeding as a sexual thing, doesn't give you the right to limit or tell us how to feed our children. this is absurd and educate yourself. I'm sad for you. I'm not going to feed my kid in a bathroom, or with a sweaty blanket on his head because you wouldn't sit under a blanket to eat for 30 min in summer time would you? if I'm waving at you with my boob, that's different. but why are you looking at other women's chests in the first place...? there is more skin shown on magazines in a supermarket aisle. please.

Maybe you can...go eat in the bathroom, and see how you like it.

Jenny Hurta Douglas Maybe you can put a bag over your head while you eat, or go eat in the bathroom, and see how you like it. I suppose you are pro-life, and feeding our children as nature has designed is pro-life at the highest level. So we should have the babies, but not be able to feed them freely when they are hungry. None of this makes any sense to me.

Here are some screengrabs with more responses:

Like we said, don't piss off the moms.

Meanwhile, Farrar said of her bill, formally introduced this week:

I have worked on breastfeeding legislation for the past five sessions. I look forward to working with interested parties to make this legislation the best that it can be. No mother deserves to suffer the unimaginable public humiliation, shame, and stigma associated with being forced to leave a location simply for breastfeeding in public.

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