Deborah Colton Moves Her Gallery Away From Big, Ugly Heads

Deborah Colton Gallery has new digs, y’all. The main gallery is now located at 2445 North Boulevard in the Upper Kirby District, leased from artist Molly Gochman. It’s a cool building with an AstroTurf courtyard in the back. The concave and convex spheres you see on the outside of the building were inspired by the word “welcome” in braille.

Although this will serve as Colton’s main gallery, she still has her space on Summer Street, also home to all those presidential heads by David Adickes, who owns the building, and artist studios.

For a time it looked like the Summer Street building, which used to be a paint factory, had been sold to make way for more condos, which is why Colton leased the space on North Boulevard. But Adickes had the opportunity to get out of the contract, and an offer from an arts group is on now on the table, according to Colton.

“We’re very hopeful that the building will be saved for artist-related spaces and artist studios, but that really depends on David’s decision,” she says.

Regardless of what happens, Colton has already planned two years worth of exhibitions in her new space. And she want to be clear that for now her operation has moved; apparently some people have been confused. The inaugural exhibition will be “A Time for Change,” a group show of Texas artists curated by Catherine Anspon, which opens September 20.

Here’s hoping the Summer Street building is saved.

Cathy Matusow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.