Debt Ceiling: The 10 Worst Tweets From the Texas GOP Congressional Delegation

As the GOP debates whether it wants the Tea Party to drive it (and the country) off a cliff by playing games with the debt ceiling, we looked to Twitter for the updates from our state's congresssional delegation.

Oddly, the Republicans didn't tweet anything like "Yes, we voted to spend this money on tax cuts for the rich, two wars and a Medicaid prescription bill, but now we don't want to pay the bills we ran up,: but maybe that's more than 140 characters.

Still, the Texas congressional tweets were informative. In a way.

10. @PeteSessions, not taking his own advice

@PeteSessions Check out this clip from SNL, "Don't Buy Stuff." It makes the case for a Balanced Budget Amendment. #CutCapBalance

Saturday Night Live is always good for some solid political analysis. Here Sessions invoke's the skit's spirit that people shouldn't buy silly things they can't afford.

From Wikipedia:

In 2008, Sessions added a $1.6 million earmark to an appropriations bill, for dirigible research. The earmark benefitted a Chicago company, Jim G. Ferguson & Associates, which has no experience in government contracting or dirigible research. A former Sessions aide and convicted felon, Adrian Plesha is a lobbyist for the firm.

9. Joe Barton (@RepJoeBarton), chillaxin'

flying back to Washington to engage in #debt ceiling debate...suppossed to be the week we have to solve the problem...stay tuned #tcot #gop

It's "suppossed" to be the week "we have to solve the problem." But if not, no biggie.

8. John Carter (@JudgeCarter) trusts no one

Useful data for examining the realities of the deficit spending problem, but remember it is coming from Washington.

It's probably socialist-tainted, or something.

7. @JohnCornyn's keen grasp on the American and Greece economies

And end up like Greece? RT @julescator: @JohnCornyn @WhitneyNeal Just raise the Debt Ceiling as a clean bil... (cont) http://deck.ly/~MSSag

Yes, letting the U.S. fall into default is the best way to keep it from being like Greece.

6. @RepKayGranger, no men allowed

Watch me speak on the House floor about my effort to #balancethebudget as told from a woman's perspective

We can hardly wait. 5. Bill Fores (@RepFlores), abusing the hashtag

Do you believe that Obama will really use #jobkillingtaxincreases to reduce our deficts or to keep spending? #4jobs #cutcapbalance #tx17

We guess "#jobkillingtaxincreases" is better, from a GOP viewpoint, than "#smalltaxincreasesontheincrediblywealthy".

4. @RepRonPaul is very excited

I'm told CNBC and Bloomberg will have cameras at my subcommittee hearing today at 2pm EST

CNBC and Bloomberg? It doesn't get any bigger than that.

3. @RandyNeugebauer, comedian

A blank sheet of paper is sitting on my desk. I like to think of it as @BarackObama's plan for our debt crisis. #cutcapbalance

Humor!! Finely played, sir. Because obviously Obama has no plan for solving the debt crisis, see?

2. John Culberson (@CongCulberson), refuting a non-argument

President Obama is not Ronald Reagan. Watch here for the facts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3cObE4KRZM

Culberson wasn't the only GOPer to tweet about this party-made video, which refutes all those liberals and Democrats who are constantly going on and on about how Obama is just like Ronald reagan.

1. Louie Gohmert (@replouiegohmert) thinks there should be no politics in this discussion

@Hardball's Chris Matthews "The President shouldn't have gone on national television to give a political address." We AGREE! #cutspendingnow

Yes, let's keep all the politics out of this, shall we? Because Louie Gohmert doesn't play politics.

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