Deloyd Herman Wheatley III: Photographs Himself Leaving Phone to Catch Sexy Bathroom Action

Is there anything more sexy than smartphone footage of a woman going to the bathroom?

Before you answer "OF COURSE," put yourself in Deloyd Herman Wheatley III's shoes. Specifically, put yourself in his shoes at his job at Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center.

Put yourself in those shoes as you plant a phone in the unisex bathroom set up to take pictures. And then -- what the hell -- take a picture of yourself doing it. That's what Wheatley the Third did, according to KPRC.

Wheatley, who has since been fired, was arrested and charged with trying to take illegal photos in the bathroom.

Police said he placed the phone in the bathroom, and the first woman to subsequently use the facilities rather easily saw it, red light blinking.

"Detectives said it did not take them long to find out the phone was Wheatley's," KPRC reports. "Police said he photographed himself hiding the phone in the restroom."

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