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Crazy Statistic From DeMeco Ryans' San Francisco Tenure that Should Excite Texans Fans

DeMeco Ryans' San Francisco defenses had a tangible effect on Niners opponents in 2022.
DeMeco Ryans' San Francisco defenses had a tangible effect on Niners opponents in 2022. Screen grab from YouTube
I think it's safe to say that, after enduring an 11-38-1 record from their team over the last three seasons, each season with a different head coach (hell, one of those seasons, with TWO head coaches!), Houston Texans fans want to see something new.

We realize that winning substantially more games may take a season or two under new head coach DeMeco Ryans, but I don't think it's too much to ask for the team to FEEL like they're playing differently in 2023. Playing with more physicality and more hunger, these are things Texan fans can get behind while they wait for the wins to come down the road.

Recently, at a town hall meeting for season ticket members, the Texans allowed fans to ask questions to Ryans and GM Nick Caserio. Here was the answer that got Texans fans fired up to watch a Ryans-coached version of their team take the field as soon as possible:
"When you line up across from us, that next week you should be hurting' a little bit..."

We like that! Hell, WE LOVE THAT! Of course, every head coach SAYS things like that. There's not a single new coach that has promised their team is going to attack less and be less aggressive than his predecessor's defense. However, the best thing about DeMeco Ryans is that his track record of brutalizing his opponents enough to wear it beats them the NEXT week, too, exists.

Take a look below at the San Francisco 49ers schedule from 2022, with all of the results for every Niners game, and the results for their opponents the following week:

Week 1 — @ Chicago (L,19-10)
Chicago NEXT WEEK: @ Green Bay, L 27-10 (+10.5, L ATS)

Week 2 — vs Seattle (W, 27-7)
Seattle NEXT WEEK: vs Atlanta, L 27-23 (-1, L ATS)

Week 3 — @ Denver (L, 11-10)
Denver NEXT WEEK: @ Las Vegas, L 32-23 (+2.5, L ATS)

Week 4 — vs Los Angeles Rams (W, 24-9)
LA Rams NEXT WEEK: vs Dallas, L 22-10 (-5.5, L ATS)

Week 5 — @ Carolina (W, 37-15)
Carolina NEXT WEEK: @ LA Rams, L 24-10 (+10, L ATS)

Week 6 — @ Atlanta (L, 28-14)
Atlanta NEXT WEEK: @ Cincinnati, L 35-17 (+6.5, L ATS)

Week 7 — vs Kansas City (L, 44-23)
Kansas City NEXT WEEK: BYE

Week 8 — @ Los Angeles Rams (W, 31-14)
LA Rams NEXT WEEK: @ Tampa Bay, L 16-13 (+3, P ATS)


Week 10 — vs Los Angeles Chargers (W, 22-16)
LA Chargers NEXT WEEK: vs Kansas City, L 30-27 (+5.5, W ATS)

Week 11 — vs Arizona (W, 38-10)
Arizona NEXT WEEK: vs LA Chargers, L 25-24 (+2.5, W ATS)

Week 12 — vs New Orleans (W, 13-0)
New Orleans NEXT WEEK: at Tampa Bay, L 17-16 (+3.5, W ATS)

Week 13 — vs Miami (W, 33-17)
Miami NEXT WEEK: at LA Chargers, L 23-17 (-3, L ATS)

Week 14 — vs Tampa Bay (W, 35-7)
Tampa Bay NEXT WEEK: vs Cincinnati, L 34-23 (+3.5, L ATS)

Week 15 — @ Seattle (W, 21-13)
Seattle NEXT WEEK: at Kansas City, L 24-10 (+10.5, L ATS)

Week 16 — vs Washington (W, 37-20)
Washington NEXT WEEK: vs Cleveland, L 24-10 (-1, L ATS)

Week 17 — @ Las Vegas (W, 37-34 OT)
Las Vegas NEXT WEEK: vs Kansas City, L 31-13 (+9, L ATS)

Week 18 — vs Arizona (W, 38-13)
Arizona NEXT WEEK: Season Over

Notice a few things? If not, allow me to spell them out for you:

San Francisco's 2022 opponents went 0-15 straight up the next week
Yes, you read that right! The San Francisco opponents were so battered and bruised from facing a DeMeco Ryans-led defense the week before that they lost their game the following week EVERY single week of the season. The only weeks where the Niners' opponent didn't lose the following week was when they didn't actually play, Kansas City had a bye week the next week, and Arizona in Week 18 was done for the season after their 38-13 loss in Santa Clara.

San Francisco's 2022 opponents went 3-11-1 against the spread the next week
Let's take it a step further, though. It's one thing to lose, but it's another to lose and not even live up to expectations. That's where the Niners' opponents performance against the spread comes in. In those 15 games where the record was 0-15 straight up, those teams only covered the spread 3 out of those 15 times.

They didn't just miss covering the spread, they got beat handily, on average
Okay, so 11 of those 15 teams didn't cover the spread, and one had a push against the spread, that's not good. I'll take it even one MORE step further! (Hell yeah, let's pile on!) The eleven teams that failed to cover the spread the week after playing the 49ers missed covering the spread by an average 8.6 points. That's over a touchdown!

So Ryans' defenses in 2022 beat up their opponents so badly that not only did they ALL lose the next week, but 11 of them couldn't cover the spread, and those 11 teams, on average, didn't even come close to covering the spread. Now THAT, friends, is making the other team FEEL IT the next week. All hail, DeMeco Ryans!

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