Demetrie Dixon, Cop Accused Of Sexual Assault, Doesn't Look Good In the Court Documents

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Demetrie Dixon, the Houston police officer arrested last week for sexual assault and "official oppression," appeared in court earlier today.

According to a report from KTRK, Dixon was ordered "to have no contact with victims and stay out of the area where these alleged crimes happened."

That's probably a good idea, because Hair Balls obtained court documents today that reveal additional details of those alleged crimes, and if they are true, Dixon probably shouldn't be near any women for a long time.

One victim claimed Dixon detained her twice -- once at a bus stop, once at a Texaco -- then drove to a warehouse in his patrol car and sexually assaulted her. Both incidents reportedly happened near the Northwest Freeway and the 610 Loop.

During one of the alleged assaults, Dixon made the victim hide in an abandoned school bus when a van pulled in the warehouse parking lot.

Another victim, according to the documents, was allegedly detained in a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot, and Dixon told her she had to be searched.

From the court documents:

[Dixon] told her to remove her shirt, pull up her bra -- exposing her breasts...[Dixon] said, "And now your pants." [Dixon] directed her to remove her pants and her underwear to her knees, to sit back inside the vehicle, to first spread her legs to expose her vagina, then to flip over, and spread her buttocks to expose her anus...

[Dixon] stated that if she did not perform the strip search that he would take her to jail.

Not everyone, however, seems convinced that Dixon is guilty of these allegations. Some of the commentors from our story last week seem certain that he's not.

From What-ever:

What is disturbing is how the "new" chief is throwing his own officers to the curb. This is a dept/family who stick together...Demetrie, your friends new and old know the truth and we are supporting you.

Anonymous said:

I grew up wit him and went to school wit him my whole life. He very reapectful [sic] and yall got to be kidin me if u think he would do this. Ya rite, stay strong GOD will c u through this and the ones who tryna set u up karma is a bitch watch and c

Another anonymous added:

Demetrie is a good man and would never do anything of the sorts. This whole investigation is total crap and he is innocent.

According to court documents, the investigation from the police department's Internal Affairs Division included "extended rolling surveillance" of Dixon on May 24 that "tend to corroborate" one of the victims' statement.

The department also used Automated Vehicle Locator data to confirm that Dixon's patrol car was where the victims said it was during the alleged assaults. Police also found a tube of Chap Stick near the school bus that a victim said she dropped.

Dixon's next court date is set for June 22.

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