Demetrie Dixon, Houston Cop, Accused Of Sexual Assault On Duty

Demetrie Dixon, a Houston police officer since January of last year, was arrested today on allegations of sexually assaulting two women while he was on patrol.

Dixon was charged with four felony counts of sexual assault.

Two more victims were "unlawfully detained and searched" by 26-year-old Dixon, according to District Attorney Pat Lykos, who spoke at a press conference earlier today.

The assaults allegedly happened between January 2 and May 24 of this year, according to the District Attorney's office.

"It's unfortunate when any employee of the Houston Police Department commits allegations of misconduct," said Charles McClelland, HPD's new chief, who also spoke at the press conference.

The chief added, "But any individual, any police officer, if you commit these types of allegations, we're going to do everything we can, as quickly as we can, to make sure that you're charged and that you're brought to justice."

Before these charges, Dixon didn't have a record of any disciplinary actions from the Houston Police Department.

Apparently, problems started when someone tipped off the Houston Police Department that Dixon was doing some bad stuff while he patrolled the northeast side of the city. The department then launched an "undercover investigation" into Dixon's activities, and found enough evidence for an arrest.

Dixon is being held on a total of $122,000 in bond.

"This case proves that the department is capable of investigating misconduct internally," McClelland said. "We certainly believe that a crime was committed and that's why he was charged."

When someone at the press conference asked if the charges against Dixon involved "raping prostitutes," McClelland said, "It really doesn't matter what the occupation of the victims were."

Lykos said that there could be additional victims, and she asked that anyone with more information about Dixon to call the police department's Internal Affairs Division at 713-308-8900.

Dixon's cases are scheduled to be heard on Monday.

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