Democratic-Donating Chron Editorialist Leaves Paper

Andrea Georgsson, the Houston Chronicle editorial writer who got in hot water for donating to Democratic candidates, has left the paper.

Bloghouston points us to an item on the blog of Richard Prince, who follows black issues in the journalism world, where the news broke.

Georgsson, who formerly was an education reporter at the Chron, tells Prince the decision was her own and she is leaving "to just follow my bliss," which is nice.

Georgsson donated $250 each to Barack Obama and county judge candidate David Mincberg in this election cycle.

It didn't sit well (for good reason) with the conservative blogs in town, but they got little response on the matter from the Chron's "reader representative."

Instead of getting steamed about it, those bloggers should just learn to follow their bliss.

-- Richard Connelly


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