Democratic National Committee (Of Course) Plans To Hold Its Next National Meeting In a Traitorous State That Hates America

It stands to reason that when a socialist, fascist-dominated communist organization plans a big meeting, they're going to hold it in a place that so hates America its governor has expressed a desire to leave it.

No, not Alaska -- it was the governor's Husband, not the governor, who belonged to a group of secessionists, who by definition must hate America.

The state we're talking about is, of course, Texas, where Governor Rick Perry despises the United States so much he has floated the idea of leaving it.

An anti-American region like that is, obviously, the perfect site for a meeting of such unpatriotic people as the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC agrees, and announced today they are holding their national meeting this fall in Austin.

DNC chairman Tim Kaine, in a letter to supporters, said Texas is ready to "turn blue," which -- if we know our talk-radio lingo as well as we think -- means the state hates Jesus and soldiers and the Constitution.

Who's to argue that Rick Perry and the tea-baggers don't? They're the ones pushing secession. So guilty as charged, we guess.

Kaine notes that solidly Republican Virginia has now become a Democratic state, and he sees the same thing happening here:

Texas is an increasingly diverse state with a burgeoning and politically active Hispanic population that went strongly for Barack Obama in 2008. And, as a result of investments made by my predecessor, the commitments we've made, and the hard work of the Texas Democratic Party -- which has done an outstanding job rebuilding the party, attracting good candidates, and expanding our reach -- we have a strong and growing Democratic Party infrastructure. Add to that the significant investments we plan to make in Texas through Organizing for America (OFA), and the work OFA will be doing in communities across the state in support of the President's important and popular agenda, and we have every reason to feel bullish about our chances in Texas.

Somehow, Kaine didn't mention anything about secession; he seems somehow more interested in improving America while still loving it and staying in it. Not sure how that crazy attitude will play down here, but it will be interesting to watch, we guess.

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