Demolition Derby On Dunlavy Last Night

At 9 o'clock last night, a drunk driver turned a four-block stretch of Dunlavy Street between Fairview and West Gray into a demolition derby.

After reluctantly running a short errand, I turned onto Dunlavy from West Gray and was faced with a brilliant display of red and blue, most of which was emanating from in front of my house. Three police cars sat right in front of my house and on the other side of a fire truck in the middle of the road were two more police cars.

A small crowd of police and neighbors were gathered near my house. Initially, my ever guilty conscience made me wonder if I'd done anything to deserve this heat. Then I thought maybe my roommate's relatives who are in from Minnesota might be in on some action -- is his mom's boyfriend a northern drug kingpin?

Fortunately neither was the case.

According to eyewitnesses, a white Jeep Wrangler came screeching off of Westheimer heading northbound on Dunlavy on the wrong side of the road.

The driver swerved into a car coming the opposite direction that had steered left in an attempt to avoid him. The driver stopped for a moment, then zipped away only to crash into another on car the road and then into a parked car two blocks ahead, sending it skidding about 10 feet into another parked car, littering the road with fiberglass.

The Jeep stalled in the middle of the road. The driver got it going again only to make it about 10 more feet to plow through a small tree and my friend's motorcycle in front of my house. Finally, he was stopped by my green picket fence. His path had taken him through the spot my car had been parked 15 minutes before. (I'm really glad I ran that errand. The guy probably would've totaled my car.)

My roommate and other guests at my house ran out and apprehended the guy, who was busily working the ignition for a getaway that would've certainly amounted to more destruction. They yanked out his keys and held him in his Jeep, where he mumbled mostly incoherently except to say the grip one of my guests had him in "hurts," until police arrived. By the time I got there, the guy was staring blankly at of the back of the cop car like he didn't know where he was.

The guy wrecked four vehicles, a motorcycle, mowed down a tree and cracked my fence. Fortunately no one was hurt. Good thing he had insurance. Hopefully, Allstate is up to the task. 

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