Dennis Hollifield: Guns, Toddlers and Showing Cops Where He Keeps His Meth

Dennis Eugene Hollifield of (naturally) Splendora looks like Robert Plant coming off a wild night, but he shows none of Plant's ability in Led Zeppelin's heyday to explain away the occasional guns-and-drugs episode to the local constabulary.

Police interrupted a domestic dispute between Hollifield, 47, and Carolyn Garrison, 44, Sunday evening, the intrepid Montgomery County Police Reporter says. The argument centered on the fact that Garrison's three-year-old granddaughter had been walking around with a loaded 9-mm pistol Hollifield had left on a nightstand.

Which is certainly a subject worthy of discussion. But the fun was only beginning.

We're not quite certain where the following move is outlined in the Genius Criminal handbook, but it must be there somewhere. When a cop came, Hollifield "directed him to a dresser containing the loaded 9 mm handgun that was the subject of the argument. The dresser also contained methamphetamine, multiple hypodermic needles and a scale typical of those associated with narcotics," the Reporter says.

Oh, and there was a loaded shotgun leaning casually against the wall, too. In case the kid got bored with the handgun, we guess. Also, some weed to keep things mellow.

Hollifield's been charged with the state jail felony possession of a controlled substance; misdemeanor possession of marijuana, misdemeanor assault/family violence by contact and for making a firearm accessible to a child.

Garrison was charged with possession of a controlled substance and assault/family violence by contact. She also had three outstanding JP4 warrants.

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