Dennis Ray Anderson, murderer, takes his own life

Dennis Ray Anderson: Body-In-A-Barrel Dude Hangs Himself

Dennis Ray Anderson, the dangerous, hotly pursued convicted murderer who left a female corpse in a barrel in his back yard here, has been found hanged to death in a Florida motel room.

Christina Garza of the Harris County Sheriff's Office says Friday deputies from the Escambria County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a motel. They determined him to be Anderson.

"The investigation into the identity of the body which was inside the 55-gallon drum at 7518 Split Oak Ct. is still ongoing," Garza said. "Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Division will continue to investigate this case and obtain a positive identification of the complainant in this case."

Anderson, 64, had served a long prison term for murdering a woman and her granddaughter during a robbery. He had been living in Houston, but went on the run after police were tipped to the corpse in the barrel.

The U.S. Marshals Service warned he was armed and extremely dangerous as they pursued him.

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