Deontay Greenberry: UH Sticks It to Notre Dame By Stealing Top Recruit

We know we said National Signing Day is an overhyped mess, but don't tell that to the keening and wailing Notre Dame fans who are screaming pogue mahone to the UH Cougars.

UH swooped in at the last second and stole the coveted wide receiver from the Irish, to whom he had given a verbal commitment worth the paper it was printed on.

Deontay Greenberry, from California, is the highest-ranked recruit UH has ever landed, the school says.

UH assistant coach Jamie Christian explained how it happened:

The one thing was our relationship. I recruited him at Arizona State. When I came here, Coach Levine did a great job of explaining our passing system. He really liked our players, he saw the value of a degree from Houston and knew he could get better. To be honest, Houston really sold itself. There are some GREAT things going on here. UH has created some great momentum over the last year or two.

Hey, I'm a UH alum, and even I'm not buying the "value of a degree from Houston" over that of ND.

The ND message boards are insinuating payoffs, of course, but commenters are seeing the move as a catastrophe:

The Greenberry situation is a complete disaster. Not just for the football team. We'll move on. I think he would have been an All-American here, but we'll move on. On the bright side, perhaps Kelly will be less inclined to throw so often. That's all I got. This sucks.

That said, think about this. He and [ND recruit Tee] Shepard were so tight that Shepard moved to play with him his senior year. Unfortunately, Shepard had to sit out a year. Nevertheless, they talked all season about playing together and making a difference together.

Greenberry just ditched him for Houston. Houston. It may work out, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be haunted by this decision for the rest of his life...and he waited until signing day to let the cat out of the bag. Yikes.

So revel away, UH fans. You have momentary revenge for the frozen Cotton Bowl comeback.

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