Department Of Bad Timing (And Bad News)

Department of Bad Timing, pick up line two: the

Houston Chronicle

's travel section Sunday featured a huge story on the fun to be had visiting a certain American city.

There were three immediate problems:

1. The city was New Orleans

2. The headline was "Swamped With Fun"

3. The lede was "Every traveler has certain concerns. Lost luggage. Bad directions. Canceled hotel reservations." Not mentioned: Hurricanes bashing into the city you're touting on the weekend you're touting it.

There was other bad news:

The story was written by Kristin Finan, the Chron reporter who for some reason must be pictured every time she writes a story. If she can't be pictured, she'll tell the story in the first person, like that time she delightfully masqueraded as a Katrina evacuee at the George R. Brown center. (What fun!)

This travel feature was called "Take 2," and because God hates us it looks to be a continuing series. Finan and her husband were shown facing back-to-back in a duelling position, because -- get this -- they sometimes disagree on just how awesome their vacations are!! And are willing to talk about it in print!!

"United in marriage but not always in opinion, Kristin Finan and Patrick Badgley offer their thoughts on popular U.S. travel destinations," the Chron told us under the "Take 2" logo.

There's worse news, though: Finan is pregnant. We know this because a few weeks ago she wrote about how hard it is to find a good virgin drink.

The Chron's blogging pages already offer scores of women writing about their pregnancies or how their kid is the absolutely craziest/most nerve-wracking/lovable/adorable kid ever (who will grow up to resent the hell out of the fact their parents exploited their every private moment for some wisp of Internet fame).

But we're guessing there's going to be room for even more discussion about one intrepid journalist's trip through pregnancy and motherhood. (And yes, she's already put the ultrasound pictures up on the web.)

We can wait.

-- Richard Connelly

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