Deputy, 60 Others Arrested in Prostitution Sting Operation

The Harris County Sheriff's Office managed to round up 61 people in a prostitution sting over the course of last week including nine women (alleged prostitutes) and 48 men on prostitution charges and four others on various charges including drug possession and driving without a license. One of the men arrested was on parole for aggravated sexual assault and another was a Precinct 4 deputy who was wearing his uniform trousers when handcuffed.

The operations took place near I-45 and FM 1960, Aldine Bender Road and U.S. 59 and I-10 at Freeport as part of a national effort to fight prostitution leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently, the Super Bowl doesn't just attract friends and family members who want to gather around the flat-screen and watch the game (and the commercials). It also involves getting a bunch of dudes together and paying for sex...allegedly.

"Stopping prostitution stops other crimes and emancipates victims," Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia explained in a release. "It also fights back against sex slavery and other forms of human trafficking."

At least in the case of the deputy, he was wearing proper attire when he was busted. If you are going to be an officer of the law, you'd better look the part at all times, including when you're hitting up an undercover cop for some pay for play, if you know what I mean.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.