Designer David Meister Brings A Recipe For Success To Houston

Clothing designer David Meister helped amp up Houston's fashion scene during a spring collection showcase at Neiman Marcus this week.

Meister designs cocktail and evening dresses for women, while aiming for a timeless, simple look, he says. "I like simple shapes, lots of color and metallics. I always address trends and try to keep my designs modern in a classic way," Meister said.

The event was put on in conjunction with a charity called Recipe for Success -- a program that helps teach kids to cook during school. Tickets to the show cost $50 with a $350 a ticket dinner to follow. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to Recipe for Success.

The event raised $6,000, according to organization founder Gracie Cavnar.

About 100 of Houston's socialites interested in either fashion, Recipe for Success, or both attended the event, dressed in some of their best, of course.

Designer David Meister

​Meister has been interested in fashion since he started drawing dresses at the age of four. "I drew everything," Meister said. "I was very into clothing at a very early age -- I was like a freak of nature. I could entertain myself forever with a pad of paper and crayons."

Meister has designed many dresses for celebrities including Tina Fey, Diane Lane, Viola Davis, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Hudson and Felicity Huffman. The dress Meister made for Huffman was one of his favorites.

"It was bright fuchsia and really sexy," he said.

Though Meister has never been to Houston before he is quite familiar with southern fashion tastes.

"Women in the south love color, along with beaded accents. They love to have outfits with the right shoes and bag. They are really excited about wearing dresses and are not afraid to tell you what they think about an outfit or a dress," he said.

Meister, however, only wears black, white and grey.

Patricia Allen, principal of MacGregor Elementary school -- a Recipe for Success participant -- said she enjoyed the fashion, as well as the support it gave Recipe for Success. Fourth-graders at MacGregor are taught how to cook by a chef during school where they grow their own vegetables in a garden.

"This is a great cause, they students are taught how to change their method of cooking at an early age," Allen said. "We hope that they can bring that knowledge home to their families -- we want to keep the parents incorporated."

Another audience member, Hattie Williams, said she was definitely there for the fashion: "The show was fabulous. The dresses were so feminine and look like they would be easy to travel."

Currently, Meister keeps it modern by working with "in" colors such as blues, greens and yellows. His dresses sell to women between the ages of 18 and 70, but mostly those in their mid thirties and forties. Meister uses a lot of stretch and jersey in his dresses because he believes it is the most comfortable and compliments the female body.


For more photos from the fashion show, check out our slideshow.


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