Despite Suicide, UT Still On Lockdown

Grim news on UT-Austin's website:

September 28, 2010 at 9:38 am
The university is open.
A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Police are searching for possible second shooter.
Lock doors, do not leave your building.

The incident has been going on since shortly after nine this morning, and included some wild twitter speculation.

But right now the only dead person is the shooter, who shot himself in the library. UT's website and the Austin American-Statesman are the best places to keep up.

A SWAT tank has been deployed on campus, reports say.

Here's someone apparently liveblogging from campus.

And yes, as has been pointed out around the web, UT tonight had a lecture scheduled by the author of More Guns, Less Crime.

Classes are canceled for the day, as police do a door-to-door search for rumored second gunman. UT has set up a toll-free number for people to get emergency information about the situation: 1-866-657-9400.

And the all-clear has been given.

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