Photos by Robb Walsh

Dewberry Time

The dewberry vendors were out on 290 in Hempstead this weekend. The wild blackberries are only in season for a couple of weeks, so don’t miss out. I bought a gallon for $22 with the intention of making pies. Then I saw Birdie Gail’s blackberry pie sign.

Birdie Gail's dewberry coconut pie.

I pulled over and bought one of her deep dish coconut-dewberry pies for $15. Birdie’s pie was a lot better than mine usually come out.

The dewberries are from around here, but who knows about the rest of the produce.

I pureed some of my berries, strained the seeds out, watered the pulp down and sweetened it. Now I have a pitcher of dewberry juice in the fridge. It’s better than pomegranate juice! –

Robb Walsh


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