Dewhurst's 'Frozen' Video: More Proof We're Losing Greatness

Is it one of the worst political ads of all time or what? Is it even real? These were the thoughts we were wrestling with as we took in a minute-long commercial featuring a Dan Patrick animated picture singing about how he changed his name from Danny Goeb. The ad alleges -- erroneously, as The Austin American-Statesman recently pointed out -- that Patrick did this to dodge his creditors and taxes. And the results are an example of political mudslinging at both its worst and its best.

We like to picture how this video happened: Some campaign staffers for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst were sitting around discussing how best to get their boss back into the running -- Dewhurst is currently polling about 20 points behind Patrick, Republican rival for the lieutenant governor nomination -- and someone starts humming "Let It Go," the smash-hit song from the smash-hit Disney movie Frozen.

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