Deyna Carabajal: HPD's Anti-Honduran Facebook Ranter Gets Suspended

KPRC, which has owned the story of HPD's strange anti-Honduran Facebook ranter, Deyna Carabajal, is reporting that the officer has been suspended without pay for 10 days.

Carabajal's Facebook page was the home for such endearing notices to Hondurans as "Zero tolerance 4 yall today. Y'all look at me wrong at all today -- y'all riding." (And by "riding," she meant going to jail.)

She also posted a picture of a (presumably) Honduran passed out on the street and told her FB pals "If y'all only knew how often this happens."

Other FB pics showed information from her patrol car's computer screen, and that's an HPD no-no. Especially since, as KPRC says, "Two postings also displayed the gate codes that allow police to enter gated apartment complexes in Southwest Houston."

Her defense, as posted on FB, with "hty" referring to Hondurans:

if u dnt like wht I say thn get off my page or detete me. I dnt stereotype. whn u can put on this uniform n work my beat n deal with what I deal with u wud hv a diff perspective. of all the latinos in my beat hty r the most drunkards, violent ppl I hv ever dealt with. yes thy r som good. But overall thy r most are crazy n hv no regard for the law.

Also in trouble: A fellow HPD cop who responded to one of Carabajal's posts.

Officer Candice Bradshaw replied to one of the posts with "Hondurans are the worst?? I ranked El Salvadorians (sic) #1 then Hondurans ;0)."

She's been suspended for three days without pay, KPRC says, but her attorney is appealing the ruling.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.