Dez Bryant's Unpaid-For $800,000 Jewelry Spree: State Senator Royce West Offers Lamest Defense Ever

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who is turning out to be the epitome of a Jerry Jones-era Cowboy, is being sued for somewhere around $800,000 in debts for jewelry and tickets and other stuff.

He apparently entered an agreement to "buy" all the stuff while he was busy with his studies at Oklahoma State University but, since he technically didn't have money then, he promised to pay up as soon as he signed a professional contract.

Which doesn't violate even the spirit of being an NCAA student-athlete, of course.

His lawyer is state Senator Royce West, who spoke to ESPN and gave what is perhaps the lamest defense of a client ever.

Bryant's attorney, state Sen. Royce West, declined comment on the specifics in the lawsuits, but noted they are "sheer allegations."

"What we're seeing is Dez Bryant being singled out," West said. "There are lawsuits. They will be resolved."

To sum up:

a) A lawsuit contains allegations b) It singles out Dez Bryant c) Lawsuits exist d) They eventually get resolved.

We can only imagine West's full quote on the matter. "There are lawsuits. They are printed on paper. They are filed in courthouses, sometimes electronically. Judicial proceedings ensue. Each side is represented by......."

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