Diana Davila Takes No Questions As She Resigns

Diana Davila took no questions from reporters before or after resigning from the Houston school district board this afternoon.

Instead she gave a somewhat rambling speech on her sudden decision, saying the time demands of the board-member job had become too much.

"There's all these crazy rumors but they are just that," she said. "There's a rumor that I'm getting investigated, that I'm getting divorced -- that's a new one. They're all false, this all has to do with my family."

Davila said years ago she quit a teaching job because it was taking too much time from her kids, so she ran for school board and now that, too, required too many hours.

"I'm a person who likes to give 100 percent of my time to whatever I'm doing," she said..

State Senator Mario Gallegos was allowed to speak and said he begged Davila not to quit. "When she ran for office and won, I knew the best candidate won even though she ran against my daughter," he said, nicely dissing his daughter.

In a second statement, after the school board members had individually wished her well, Davila thanked them and choked up on the word "friendship."

She left the meeting by a back entrance shortly after that.

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