Diana Quinn: You're Once, Twice, Three Times Convicted (of DWI)

This past weekend was St. Patrick's Day, one of the drink-iest "holidays" of the year. And while we did not drink green beer, we did celebrate with green-ish margaritas because there is no better place to be on St. Patrick's Day than a Tex-Mex joint, just as there is no better place to be on Cinco de Mayo than an Irish bar.

Anyway, the point is that lots of people like to get their drink on and pinch people every March 17. Kingwood resident Diana Quinn, however, seems to be more of a "get your drink on every day that ends in 'y' " gal. The 43-year-old (yes, we said 43) was arrested a full four days shy of St. Paddie's Day in Montgomery County on felony charges of DWI. It was escalated to a felony because she already had two previous convictions for the same thing, one on her 40th birthday (a girl's gotta party).

She was arrested after driving erratically leaving the parking lot of Players Lounge in Porter. We can only assume she is nostalgic for this particular spot because it also happens to be the location of her second DWI arrest, which she was convicted of last Monday.

Just to put the timeline straight, she was arrested for DWI in April 2012, convicted March 11, 2013, and arrested again at the same spot March 14, 2013. It's like déjà vu all over again for Quinn, who has had numerous arrests for DWI over the years. Her latest conviction netted her a year in jail that was probated for two years. It took her only three days to allegedly violate her parole.

Because she had already been convicted twice -- never mind previous arrests that were dismissed -- this latest charge is a felony and could (probably will) mean hard time for the Players Lounge regular.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.