A boon for budding comedians

Dick Cheney's Shooting Victim Finally Speaks

The Washington Post has a great story

this morning, a profile of Austin lawyer Harry Whittington, better known as the man shot by Vice-Preesident Dick Cheney on a South Texas hunting trip.

The lengthy story breaks some new ground -- for instance, despite reports, Whittingon and Cheney are/were not close friends; they're merely acquaintances. And Whittington, whose injuries were more severe than reported, wasn't aware until he talked to the WaPo reporter that the White House had initially blamed him for the incident.

Oh, and Cheney has never apologized.

The shooting didn't bring Cheney and Whittington any closer.

Although Whittington says they've exchanged birthday greetings, they haven't seen each other for two years.

The last time they met was when they attended the funeral of Anne Armstrong, the ranch owner whose invitation drew the two men together.

Despite his scars, Whittington bears no ill will toward Cheney. He calls him "a very capable and honorable man" and adds, "He's said some very kind things to me."

But did Cheney ever say in private what he didn't say in public? Did he ever apologize?

Whittington, who has been talking about his life and career for hours, suddenly draws silent.

"I'm not going to go into that," he says sharply after a short pause.

Harry Whittington is too gracious to say it out loud, but he doesn't dispute the notion, either.

Nearly five years on, he's still waiting for Dick Cheney to say he's sorry.

Stay classy, Dick.

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