Did Someone Get A Little Too CRASS At The Art Car Parade?

The Orange Show is on the lookout, on a hard-core manhunt (womanhunt, actually) for someone who might just have been out to spoil the 2009 Art Car Parade.

An attendee at the parade has commented on sites like ours about her experience:

One of the members of the group C.R.A.S.S. spewed the foulest profanities towards the crowd while skating down Allen Parkway during the parade....{A] member of the group C.R.A.S.S. had an outburst and cursed loudly towards the crowd and directly at my children. At least six other families with children who were subject to her most vile behavior Saturday said that they were also offended.

Her behavior was offensive. No one said anything to this woman. She just started spewing profanity while skating down the road while tethered to the C.R.A.S.S. float, wearing a C.R.A.S.S shirt. I really thought this was supposed to be a good natured family event, not a venue for its participants to spout vulgar words at a crowd filled with children. Several little girls thought she was talking to them screaming things like, "(Profanity...) get out of here, you're not welcome at this parade". She made small children cry intentionally, it was cruel, unnecessary and shocking.

Well, they were named "C.R.A.S.S."

Stephen Bridges of the Orange Show, which runs the parade, tells Hair Balls they are aware of the complaint and are trying to track down details. Like a video, maybe.

"She's the Orange Show's Most Wanted person right now," he says. "It's upsetting. We try hard to make the parade a family-friendly experience, but it only takes one person to mess that up."

Bridges says they've tracked down who the C.R.A.S.S. entry was registered to, but that has been little help.

"We might have 250 registered artists, but there may be a thousand or more people riding or skating along during the event," he says.

Organizers are hoping someone has video to confirm the allegations; he didn't know if similar complaints had been received. "When I read about it I thought maybe this [profanity-spewing] person was thinking it was perfomance art," he says. "But you can't scream profanities at children."

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Richard Connelly
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