Did Steeler Fans Take Over Reliant Again? And Can This Now Stop?

Everyone knows the Pittsburgh Steeler fans travel better than any NFL team outside of the Cowboys.

But the Texans are a real team now, we're told, and they certainly dominated the Steelers yesterday to a degree that the scoreboard doesn't indicate.

So why was Reliant Stadium feeling so much like Heinz Field South?

Some tweets about the game:

@E_Sanders88 SteeerNation is going to be full effect at Reliant. Can a Steeler fan in Houston get a RT?

@Nzingah: Steeler fans are out deep at Reliant.

@djriddler: Steeler fans by the droves piling into Reliant. @DJBonics @bdix73 It's gonna crazy today!

@ txrunningchick: Beautiful day at reliant stadium. Lots of steeler fans. Hoping for a win

@AlexYbarra: So many Steeler fans at Reliant Stadium, although I'm not surprised. They are the Steelers.

@alicialfisher: Steeler nation is represented! (@ Reliant Stadium for Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houston Texans w/ 70 others)

@CCC6 at Reliant stadium now .. You wouldnt believe all the Gold and black and terrible towels.. Csnt believe all these Steeler fans

@Chris_Hill_ : Even worse than all the Steeler fans in Reliant, Dan Dierdorf on my TV.

@ ChrisYBaldwin: Is this Reliant or Heinz Field South? Tons of those yellow Terrible Towels in building. Lots of closet Steeler fans in Houston

@ dustinbennett76: Touchdown 14-0! Glad FOX26 wont show Cowboys game bc they play same time Texans do while Reliant is filled 1/3 with Steeler fans #ShowBoth!

@astockey: @Houston ... Early observations: Steeler Nation well represented @ Reliant. On field, Steelers very fortunate to be down only 10-0.

@SernaSays: I wanna slap the fuck out of every steeler fan in Reliant.

At least there was this, after the game:

@Hilton_boii: Just passed by reliant look like a lot of angry steeler fans still

People: This must end. If you're a Texan fan, show up. If you have to sell your ticket because of a death in the immediate family, check the accent on your buyer. One "yinz" and it's no sale.

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