Did We Neglect to Mention Our Mom Also Thinks We’re Great?

Earlier this week we got a press release from Crystal Lee, Envy Magazine’s hottie marketing director.

As you can see, the release included liberal use of semi-anonymous testimonials:

ENVY magazine has partnered with Mak Chin’s to provide you with a new, refreshing way to spend your Sunday’s. Starting April 15, 2007, Mak Chin’s brunch will be held every Sunday at 11am.


Drink specials will include $15 bottomless frozen Bellini’s, Mai Tai’s, swirls and food specials including $3 appetizers that range from delicious bacon-wrapped egg rolls and pot stickers to mouth-watering dumplings.

As a fabulous addition to the Washington/Shepherd area, Mak Chin’s is one for the books. “I went for Sunday brunch and loved the beautiful patio area, the DJ, the drinks (definitely order the Samurai) and of course the food was so good! I will be going back and telling all my friends about this place as well,” Angie B. from the Montrose area said. As Morgan H. put it, “Run as fast as you can to this place. Push aside the elderly and small children to snatch and grab every moment of this restaurant you can- because nothing cool in Houston LASTS, yet that is.”

You know, using testimonials like that really isn’t a bad way to pimp yourself…

Hey, Crystal Lee, how about you shoot your boy HouStoned an email? Sure, we don’t really know each other, but check out what others have said:

“He’s the nicest guy ever. Any lady would be lucky to date him,” says Jill H, an Inner Looper.

“My God, what a dreamboat,” says Mary T, a Montrose-area waitress.

“Seriously, sister, hold on tight and never let go. That guy is a stud,” says Jennie B, a local lingerie model.

And there you have it. -- Keith Plocek

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