Different Neighborhoods, Different Crime Stats

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If you want your car broken into, go downtown. If you want to get high, Canal Street in the East End is you a good bet. That is, at least according to Houston Police Department crime stats.

Hair Balls trolled HPD's stats and randomly selected three neighborhoods to compare for November 2008 (the last reporting period available). This isn't scientifically balanced or anything. (Come on, it's Friday afternoon. We save the scientific stuff for Monday mornings.) So take it for what it is, just a casual observation. Any meaning you read into it is clearly a result of your own bias.

The three neighborhoods:
Mason Park, in the East End (zip codes 77011, 77012)
Downtown, (zip code 77002)
Meyerland, in the Southwest (zip code 77096, 77035)

There were a couple of crimes which seemed consistent in all three areas. Murder was 1 for Mason Park, 0 for both Downtown and Meyerland. Rape was 2 for Downtown, 1 for Mason Park and 0 for Meyerland.

But the clear winner for the "Get your car messed with" award is Downtown. Twice as many cars get broken into in the Downtown area, 70, than Mason Park, 20, and Meyerland, 22, combined.

Auto theft isn't quite so lopsided, but it runs along the same lines. Downtown 32, Mason Park 19, Meyerland 9.

Mason Park was the obvious leader in terms of narcotics-related arrests, with 39 incidents, as opposed to Downtown's 9 and Meyerland's lonely 1. (Hair Balls knows from personal experience that there is more than one dopehead in Meyerland, so we're going to assume that they're just not caught as often as the non-sneaky dopers in Mason Park.)

Mason Park also leads the burglary charges with 22, to Meyerland's 12 and Downtown's 7. And Mason Park is at the head of the line for Aggravated assaults, too, with 19 to Downtown's 14 and Meyerland's 4.

Downtown edges ahead of Mason Park in DWI's with 10, to Mason Park's 9 and Meyerland's 2. Robbery is a little more evenly spread with Downtown at 10 and both Mason Park and Meyerland at 9.

Altogether, Downtown had 152 incidents in November. Mason Park was close behind with 137 and Meyerland was way back with just 59.

Just thought you'd want to know.

-- Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.