Dinesh Shah a.k.a. "Dennis Shaw": The Nightmare of River Oaks

A man named Dennis Shaw wormed his way into some of the highest heights River Oaks has to offer and took it for all it was worth.

In real life his name was Dinesh Shah, and he's racked up a long, long courtroom record.

Our John Nova Lomax examines the man in the first of a two-part series, "The Unexpected Guest," and finds:

For years, Dinesh Shah had been suspected of running scams on elderly and otherwise vulnerable people all over Inner Loop Houston and beyond, his victims ranging from young gay men to lonely millionaire women of a certain age. That "Dennis Shaw" moniker wasn't the only thing bogus about him. He was also no Rice or Harvard Law grad. His wealth, such as it was, was nowhere near what he'd been telling people, and he owned neither a yacht nor a plane.

He was not from the opulent avenues of River Oaks (though he did live there for a time, under very bizarre circumstances), but the humdrum cul-de-sacs of Alief. And there was no high-achieving "Deborah," nor any other girlfriend. Though he has denied it adamantly while under oath, Shah is a gay man, and has been confronted in court by at least two male former lovers who say he beat them.

Read the full story here.

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