Disgraced Judge Kent Gives Up Quixotic Fight To Keep His Pension

US District Judge Samuel Kent, who's going to prison for his role in drunkenly forcing his charming self on helpless female employees, has finally seen the light when it comes to his idiotic attempt to keep collecting his healthy federal pension.

Kent faced impeachment in the Congress, as outraged members of Congress, none of whom have ever drunkenly groped anyone, were determined to force him out of office in a such a way to deny him his $147,000 annual salary and any pension bennies.

Kent couldn't go out without one last bit of skullduggery, though -- his resignation won't take effect for a year, meaning he'll collect his salary until then.

His attorney, Dick DeGuerin, told the Houston Chronicle that it would take Congress a year to impeach Kent, so that's why it'll be a year before his cold, groping hands will be removed from that paycheck. Or words to that effect.

So hey, Kent could still be collecting a salary from Uncle Sam while he's in prison. What better use of your tax dollars?

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Richard Connelly
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