D.J. Swearinger Under Investigation for Running Out on Truck Customizing Tab
Photo by Aaron M Sprecher

D.J. Swearinger Under Investigation for Running Out on Truck Customizing Tab

Athletes like to trick out their cars. It's what they do. Well, many of them, at least. And if you're making that sweet second-round-pick cheddar, you want the world to know it.

Spinning rims, bass booming speakers, tinted windows, that's what's up, man! You don't want to be driving around in a Nissan Altima with no tint listening to AM radio (unless you're tuned in to Sports Radio 610).

So with that in mind, we interrupt the mild depression and coping of the past two days (Andre Day and Myers Day) to bring you a little comic relief. Well, we hope it's comic relief. If it winds up with D.J. Swearinger getting arrested, we won't be laughing (that hard).

Courtesy of TMZ, here's the latest adventure of our spoon-twirlin', arm-tacklin', dreadlock-wearin' son of a gun!

It would appear that Swearinger, obviously comfortable with his spot on the team and now seemingly willing to invest long term in tricking out his truck, took his 2013 F-250 to a local customizer called Espi Motors to get it all pimped out. Among the new features D.J. Swagg was adding were reportedly matte black paint with a Batman logo, speaker upgrades, new wheels, custom grill and a train horn.

Because nothing says SWAGGALICIOUS like a Batman logo, and rest assured when they hear that train horn on Westheimer, people will be getting the f**k out of his way!

However, there was one small problem, according to TMZ's report -- when D.J. came to pick up his ride, he was frightened by the final invoice. Sticker shock, if you will. Now, you would think that Swagg would have meticulously gone over each line item with Espi Motors before agreeing to the transaction, as opposed to just parking the truck, screaming out a list of what he wanted and then leaving.

Wouldn't you? (No seriously...wouldn't you think that? No?....okay.)

So when Swearinger saw the final pricing (around $20K), he did what any nervous customer would do....he reportedly got into his truck and drove away without paying for the work. Naturally, Espi wants its money, so it filed a police report, and the cops are reportedly investigating.

I'm not sure how Spoonfulla Swagg is gonna get out of this one. I mean, if he were some random dude or even a practice squad guy, he might be able to "lam it" and just avoid law enforcement until it all blew over. But he's the starting strong safety for the Texans! His best bet is to just hang around with the other dreadlocked dudes while wearing helmets and hope the cops pick up one of them instead.

Otherwise, he may want to see when the workout bonus money starts coming in.

Kids, the moral of the story, as always, is PAY for your Batman logos and train horns!!

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