Doctor Wants Ring Back, Doesn't Want Mexicans

Wow, talk about having something blow up in your face: On Thursday, the Chron reported on the lawsuit filed by Dr. Craig Fischer against his ex-fiancee, wherein he demanded she return a $73,000 engagement ring. He also accused Nichole Johnson of defaming him to "thousands" of friends on Facebook by writing that he was stalking her. Fischer was a Chatty Cathy (M.D.) with the Chron, showing how, like, classy he is by dropping platitudes such as "This is tough because I really do love her."

Apparently, Fischer's idea of showing someone how much you love them is by filing a civil suit. (We're guessing discovery is foreplay and depositions are pillow talk.) The suit claims that Johnson never intended to marry him, and that, despite his pleas that she return the four-carat ring, she "refused to do so." He alleges that she only wanted him for his money and cheated on him during their relationship.

You can imagine how hurt we were that the doc wouldn't talk to us today, only offering a "no comment," and saying he wanted to keep the matter private. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that texts between him and the ex tell a different story. We got the texts from the ex's attorney, Tony Buzbee.

On September 26, the day before Fischer filed the suit, Johnson texted: "On Wed we can get ur name off lease [of a condo]. All will be done - completely. Relieve u from lease, give u ring. Get my keys for apt. and storage back. Done. Fair enough...?"

On September 28, Fischer wrote again about getting the ring back: "I don't want to see you in person in this process....." Johnson replied a few texts later with, "U hate me so much that u can't fathom seeing me for 3 minutes to give u the ring...you harass me all weekend long...you have confused and abused me and destroyed any love that I felt for you. You can keep the watch. Good bye."

Then, a few texts later, Johnson advised that "I am going to put your ring safely up with Concierge tomorrow morning. Please leave me alone."

(By the way, on September 24, he strangely texted that he "Sort of wanted to be alone with you...Without Mexicans." Que?)

We just hope Fischer doesn't sue us for defamation by saying this is one of the dumbest fucking lawsuits we've ever seen.

Check out our update to this story here.

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